Every child deserves to experience the simple joy of riding a bike.


To provide adaptive bikes for schools to foster physical and emotional improvements in special needs classes.


We aspire to integrate adaptive bikes into classrooms on a global scale and see a correlated increase in quality-of-life.

Founded in 2022, in partnership with the Lancaster County Breakfast Rotary Club and Heather’s Ride, Pedals Possible will embark on a journey to address initially the children of Lancaster County School District with mobility constraints. Children with mobility disabilities frequently have lower levels of physical activity and almost certainly levels lower than that required to produce fitness levels. The adaptive bicycles allow those normally bound to wheelchairs or with limited mobility the chance to increase physical activity to a level of fitness and simply enjoy an activity that we all enjoyed as a kid, riding a bike. Our initial objectives are to place adaptive bicycles inside select schools where students with disabilities are located that can be utilized by the classroom staff and physical education teams of these schools for their students with disabilities.

It Started With A Smile

Through a partnership with MUSC and a nonprofit group based in Simpsonville, SC, Heathers Ride, Lancaster County Parks and Recreation received a gift of a Tandem Adaptive Bicycle that could be used along the newly developed Lindsey Pettus Greenway. It was at this dedication ceremony the first smile was generated that sparked the idea. “As I looked up the trail to see this first child riding the bike and the smile across his face, I knew this was something that needed to be replicated.” said Lancaster Breakfast Rotary President, Chad Catledge. “As I listened to the dedication and looked over this tandem bicycle the memories of my childhood flooded my mind. It was not until I observed a child with mobility constraints being buckled into this specialized bicycle and taking that first ride that I was overwhelmed with the urgency to reproduce the smile I saw on that child’s face.” “I thought to myself, this is fantastic that our community has this adaptive bicycle available for the families that have a child with mobility constraints, but we only have one.” Catledge continued. “Where can we have the maximum impact on generating the smiles I experienced that day on the Greenway? Our Schools!”. Therefore the relentless pursuit began. A partnership of the Lancaster County School District and the Lancaster Breakfast Rotary Club was formed to provide 14 adaptive bicycles across our school district to provide the opportunity for these children to ride a bike. And we are eager to continue to partner with other school districts to do the same!